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New or used car?

New or used car

Having your first car is a big change in the life of a human being even if this is not your first car. We are all wondering to choose a used car or a new car.

Top selling cars in France in 2016

Top selling cars

The first place of this ranking is dedicated to Renault Clio with 108,000 units. Peugeot 208 is on second place with 90,000 units. The third place is Peugeot 308 with 75,000 units and Renault Captur in fourth place with 72,000 units, more details provided on

Alfa Romeo Mito

the Alfa Romeo Mito benefits from a slight boost of youth for its 2014 vintage.









The criteria for choosing the right car

A car reflects the personality and tastes of its owner. The criteria depend on the preferences and the budget of the customer.

He can choose a new or used car, a diesel, gasoline or electric car. He can also choose the power of his future vehicle as well as his anti-theft security system, as well as the comfort and safety of passengers, more information on

Questions and Answers

Could I check a car before buying it?

Of course, all potential owners can check the car of their choice. It is strongly recommended that this verification be done. This can help the buyer to make the right choice and not to make mistakes.

The fastest car

The fastest car

The Koenigsegg one is the fastest car in the world. Its current speed record is 440 km/h.