Need a car near you: try car sharing

car sharing

Car sharing UK has grown tremendously in recent years, with experts predicting users to reach six million by 2025. It has enabled people without cars to hire vehicles for private use without needing to engage in complicated transactions. Drivy and Getaround have teamed up to form, which provides a convenient way for people to hire cars. All users need to do is install the Drivy app on their Smartphones and verify their identity and driving license to start using it to book cars that are near their location. The service is available 24/7, meaning that users can request a car at any time.

The App Is Easy To Use

uk getaround is leading in car hire innovation with its revolutionary uk getaround Open unlocking technology. The user-friendly interface on the app enables users to book cars instantly. It allows customers to utilise private car rental UK even when the owner is not available. If you live in a busy city like London where driving private cars is hectic, then peer to peer car rental UK might work for you.
With uk getaround, you can engage in peer to peer car rental UK whenever you need to drive. Private car hire is also a great way of travelling upcountry or going out with the family. You can book a car that will accommodate your whole family and even carry some luggage. You can also hire a large vehicle if your car is not large enough for all the items you will need for travel or camping. Just open the app and choose the vehicle you want. The app will guide you on its location and address.

Using the Hired Car

After picking the car, you will confirm its state so that the owner will be able to claim damages that were not there before renting it out. Then click “Open,” and the car will open. The app will direct you to location of the keys so that you can proceed to drive. Use the car and at the end, refuel and drive it back to where you picked it. After parking, it will appear on the app as available for hire. Finally, click “End Rental” to complete the transaction. The initial car hire price covers 100 miles per day. After that, the user has to pay for the extra miles and the fuel spent during the period of hire.

Rent Car to Cover Costs

The cost of car maintenance is quite high in the UK, with some owners incurring up to $500 in insurance premiums and fuel costs every month. Private car rental can cover these costs since owners can make $700 every month. The earnings also rise to $1500 during holiday seasons, meaning that car owners can recover the purchase price in less than five years. It is also a great way for car owners to pay off their debts and bills. For example, owners can do car sharing in the summer to cover power and heating bills that accumulate during the winter.

A way for car owners to make extra income

Peer to peer car rental is also a way for people to make passive income. Car owners who have already subscribed to the uk getaround app are already making money off the service. Indeed, one customer made $25k from the service and used it to renovate her home. Allianz provides insurance for the service, so owners do not have to worry about damage to their hired cars. Users can also earn $15 of credit by recommending the app to friends and family.

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