How to rent a cheap car?

Published on : 31 October 20192 min reading time

If you want to visit a city properly, book a rental car. But it is difficult to find a vehicle at your feet. You don’t know who’s the cheapest. How to find a cheap car rental? In this article we will give you the necessary tips.

First, identify the place where you will absolutely need a vehicle. If you travel in a big city like New York, Paris or Tokyo, you could use the various public transport options that are cheaper like the bus. You can also call Uber or hail a taxi. A seven-day card is ideal for unlimited subway and tram travel in some cities. In addition, you are not stuck in traffic jams in a city where you are just a visitor. Or, in another case, to pay for parking in the city. Before you start renting a cheap car, think carefully about its necessity.

If you want a cheap car rental, avoid the airport. Although it is convenient, it can cost you a fortune through airport surcharges. Find rentals in the city and compare the cost with the airport cost. Be

sure, to consider the cost of a taxi from your rental location. And consider the time lost in traffic. Book your rental car as soon as possible. Look for opportunities on the internet. Call the rental service regularly to find out if more affordable rates are available. Car rental rates are determined by the number of cars on the market at the time of your reservation. As it evolves, prices change as frequently.

Otherwise, opt for a service that offers car rental between individuals. Some cover at least more than 4,500 cities and more than 300 airports. If you opt for a car rental between individuals, you will save at least 35% compared to the prices of a traditional agency. If you are not yet familiar with car rental between individuals, you should know that it is nowadays a huge success with holidaymakers, with the development of mobile applications. In addition to the financial benefits, this solution also has other qualities such as sharing or contributing to the preservation of the environment. The transaction is done in a secure way. Car-sharing” has been in high demand in recent years.

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