How to negotiate the price of a new car?

Published on : 31 October 20192 min reading time

A negotiation is like pitting a bunch of amateurs against a team of negotiating professionals. The main rules are established in advance, you can also level the playing field. So how do you negotiate the price of a new car?

When you engage in negotiations with a car representative, highlight your strength. Your opening offer will be based on what the dealer has paid for the vehicle or what you have established as a fair estimate. The seller will probably start the discussion by focusing on the car’s strengths or your way of paying. Don’t get into his scheme. If he starts talking about price, make sure you negotiate from the lowest cost. Starting with the payment mode, the car representative can group the entire process, including the value of the new vehicle and the credit, if applicable. This gives him too much latitude to cause confusion. Insist on negotiating one thing at a time.

Keep in mind that the priority is to get the lowest price for your new car. So, define the basic rules yourself. So rather than being drawn into a long discussion about the seller’s terms, let him know what you want. To avoid falling into his trap, find out in advance about the options of the new car of your choice. This way, you know exactly what level of finish and options you want, since you have already done some research. So, you know the price of this configuration and you make an estimate of what the dealer has paid for it.

In short, during a negotiation, if you want to succeed, keep control over your objective. Evaluate in advance the cost of purchasing your vehicle. If you feel you are going to lose ground, drive the nail down and talk about the attractive offers from their competitors. You can be redirected to a more experienced partner or sales manager. If this happens, simply repeat the same basic rules. No matter who is sitting on the other side of the desk, your requirements are clear and unchanging. This will prevent diversionary tactics. Let the other person know that if they accept the conditions, they can expect to make a quick sale.


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