Buying new or used cars: why choose a car representative?

Entrusting the purchase of your car to an automotive agent is the way to acquire the car of your choice at a much lower price than that offered by a dealer of the brand. This method of purchase does not affect the manufacturer's warranty. The vehicle is delivered quickly if it is in stock at the agency and the registration certificate is delivered at the same time.

Very attractive prices

For an agent to be able to offer prices up to 30% lower than those charged by dealers, he must have been in the automotive sector for many years. It is thus surrounded by an important network of manufacturers throughout Europe and benefits from the best prices granted. By taking an interest in different brands, you can learn more about the car representative here. When the intermediary has a large order book on hand, he can negotiate more with manufacturers and reduce vehicle prices as much as possible. Thus, the customer is happy to save on the purchase price, the manufacturer has work to do and the agent's activity is flourishing, which translates into ever more interesting advantages for the customer.

The manufacturer's warranty

A law issued by the European Parliament in 1999 stipulates that all manufactured goods sold on the European Union market must be covered by a conformity guarantee valid for at least 2 years from the date of purchase. This law applies to cars, whether purchased from a dealer or through an agent. For used cars no longer under manufacturer's warranty, the car commissioner generally offers a 3-month warranty. On the other hand, this manufacturer's warranty does not oblige you to service your new vehicle at an official dealer or garage in the brand's network. The only obligation is to respect the maintenance dates set by the manufacturer. The agent may provide after-sales service including maintenance of the new or used vehicle within his agency.

Services at no extra cost

The car intermediary takes care of all the administrative procedures relating to the import of the new vehicle. He also takes care of the registration if he is authorized by the Ministry of the Interior and the client has provided him with proof of residence less than 6 months old. The marking of the windows and the registration of the car in the ARGOS file are also included in the purchase price of the vehicle, which represents a security against theft. In the case of second-hand vehicles, the agent shall have the returned cars examined as soon as they arrive at the agency. Following this inspection carried out in an external roadworthiness test centre, any necessary repairs are carried out before the vehicle is put up for sale.  
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