New car, make a quote to change your car insurance

Since January 1, 2015, changing car insurance has never been easier. Indeed, if until then you had to wait until the end date of your contract to change insurers. Since the entry into force of the Hamon law, you can cancel your car insurance at any time, without justification once the date of the first anniversary of the signing of the contract has passed. Of course, you must still respect a notice period, but thanks to the Ch√Ętel law, which requires your insurance company to notify you at least 15 days before the termination deadline of your contract, and therefore the possibility of interrupting it to find another one elsewhere, you are no longer subject to automatic renewal, which sometimes was a source of loss of money for motorists who change their situation over time. Thus, when you buy a new car, you can completely change your car insurance contract with MAAF, in order to benefit from coverages more adapted to your new situation or your car model.

Why change your insurance when you buy a new car?

When you buy a car that is completely different in power or value from the previous model, a change of insurance contract may be appropriate. This allows you to compete with the various car insurance offers available on the market and benefit from more advantageous rates. Whether you want to save money or adapt your contract to your new needs (change of car, move, addition of a new secondary driver, growing family, change of profession, etc.), you can easily terminate a contract and take out another one with the same insurance company or with a direct competitor.

Compare to find the ideal car insurance policy

To find the best car insurance for your new car, you need to make a quote that is perfectly adapted to your new situation. Before signing in haste, it is important to compare the different offers in the car insurance market. To do this, you can use an online insurance comparator. This quick and free simulation will allow you to assess your needs and determine the coverage you really need. It is important to note that your car insurance rate varies according to several factors, such as your driver profile or the type of your vehicle. The higher your car is, for example, the more insurance companies are afraid that it will be stolen or damaged. An option is then offered to you, which greatly influences the final price of your car insurance. Similarly, if your vehicle has many horses, your contributions may be higher than if your new car has few. Another criterion you should consider when choosing the ideal car insurance policy is the coverage it offers based on your driver profile. Indeed, if you are an experienced driver, and drive many kilometres each year, it is essential that you choose insurance, following the purchase of your car, that considers the mileage and offers adapted rates. In addition, if you are not well behaved, it may be interesting to approach an agency specialising in difficult profiles. This way, you will surely find a new insurance adapted to your new situation.
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