Save time by completing the car registration process online

In France, any purchase of a new or used car requires a vehicle registration document as required by the police authorities. Indeed, to be able to move freely, it is necessary at all costs to have the car's registration or identity card. If in the past, motorists had to go to the prefecture on their own and present multiple documents, today the procedure is becoming less complex and tedious. With a few clicks, you can complete your steps.

Registration procedures: faster and more secure

The card is an essential document for free movement on public roads. During an inspection, the absence of this document will expose you to heavy fines. It is now possible to register online as all the counters are dematerialized. The SIV gives the possibility to an automotive professional authorised by the Prefecture and approved by the Public Treasury to carry out all the car registration procedures. No matter what your vehicle is, everything will be done faster in just a few clicks, as it is on It should be noted, however, that you will have to present the same documents as those to be presented in the prefecture. You must therefore provide a valid identity card, a certificate of residence and a document proving that a roadworthiness test has been carried out. You must also submit the car's power, year or CO2 emission for your online registration. All you must do is wait a few days, because the documents will be sent to you by post.

The online registration procedures you can do

Change of cardholder: mandatory registration procedures after the purchase of the car, it allows you to be the new owner of the said vehicle. Make sure you have an original transfer certificate. Registration of a new car, which has never been registered even abroad. You will need to have plates placed in the new numbering format. Changing the address of a registration document: simplify your life by doing it online, because your data must be updated. Change of marital status: did you get married? You were divorced? Any changes can be made online. Duplicate: in case of loss, damage or theft, you can apply for a car registration card on the Internet. Declaration of transfer: car registration procedures must be carried out after the sale of your vehicle to avoid any problems. To learn more, click here!

Perform the steps in a few clicks

First, you will have to establish the price of the vehicle registration document using the legal rate calculator. Also indicate whether you want license plates or not. Then pay the value of the taxes and the service. It should be noted that most platforms accept a payment in 3 instalments. Your request will then be processed the same day and if there is a missing document, you will be automatically notified by email. While waiting for your registration, you will receive an AECT or CPI allowing you to circulate. It should be noted that online registration procedures take an average of 7 days. The advantages of an online registration? Saving time, CERFA forms at your disposal, proximity to your region, saving money, express delivery.
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